Holistic Garments 1028 Gynecomastia Compression Mini Vest

Holistic Garments 1028 Gynecomastia Compression Mini Vest

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Provides excellent compression. This chest gynecomastia compression vest has two rows of hook & eye fastenings. Ideal for chest procedures like gynecomastia procedures and liposuction to the chest.


  • Latex free
  • Supports chest tissue
  • Front eye and hook closure
  • Helps manage post-operative oedema
  • Helps to reduce tension on surgical incision
  • Holds surgical implants in place
  • Minimises haemotoma formation
  • Holds dressings in place

It is advisable to have two sets of compression garments so that you have a fresh one to wear whilst the other one is being washed


Chest Circumference

(nipple level measurement)

XS 31'' - 34''
S 34'' - 37''
M 37'' - 42.5''
L 42.5'' - 45.5''
XL 45.5'' - 51''


Wash & Care

  • Wash in tepid water
  • Do not tumble dry and do not iron
  • Allow the compression garment to dry naturally away from direct heat
  • Once it is dry put the compression garment in the fridge/refrigerator (not the freezer) for 30 minutes to allow fibre reconstitution
  • Only wear the compression garment at room temperature